EX Government Laptops

  1. All machines have an Area I.T. 3 month warranty
  2. Look brand new
  3. Enterprise quality Laptops
  4. Run cool and quiet
  5. Professional looking machine that matches business image
  6. Minimum i5 CPU
  7. Minimum 8Gb Ram
  8. DVD Burner
  9. 5 x USB ports in total
  10. 1 x USB 3.0 ports
  11. 1 x VGA port
  12. 1 x Display port
  13. 1 x Serial port
  14. 1 x Gigabit Ethernet port
  15. 1 x Laptop desktop docking port
  16. 1 x Socket for optional 3G inbuilt modem
  17. SD card reader
  18. WiFi and Bluetooth
  19. 15.6 in display (matte screen)
  20. Fingerprint reader
  21. Full keyboard
  22. VGA and HDMI Video output
  23. Minimum 180Gb Hard Drive
  24. Minimum Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
  25. Clean wiped with a fresh install of operating system and drivers by Area I.T.
  26. Base load of best free software by Area I.T.
  27. Area I.T. remote support application preloaded so Area I.T can support client with plug and play (Can be easily be uninstalled if not required)
  28. All machines can be upgraded if needed - More RAM, bigger Hard Drive etc
  29. Includes laptop case and power supply
  30. All machines are supported by Area I.T. if any further support is requested in the future

Most machines are $430 EX + Postage and Handling of $30 EX shipped to AU if required

Note - Each machine may vary in specs and price, to verify - please contact us.


HP Probook 650


HP Probook 6560b

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